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The Shirdi Way is the Way to Shirdi of America

The Shirdi Way is the Way to Shirdi of America

After several years of hard work of the volunteers with complete faith and patience, dedicated supported from the community and infinite blessings of Baba, here comes the "Shirdi Way", the new address of Groton Shirdi Dham and Mission Cener.

Yes, 99 SHIRDI WAY, Groton, MA is now the NEW WAY TO SHIRDI FOR all devotees who want to experience Sai and Shirdi in North America.

The world is a manifestation of God’s form. The beauty of the God is projected in various forms and in one of the forms you can see is in Groton with New England Shirdi Sai Parivaar’s Sai Baba Temple and Mission center.

This Shirdi of the western world in Groton creates a unique ecosystem where you can FEEL the Shirdi BHAAV and be transported in time to feel the eternal presence of Sai as you enter this spiritual oasis.

Baba always said, "Those who think that Baba is a person with a three-and-a-half cubit body or that I am present only in Shirdi haven't seen me at all!" The essential substance of Baba's wonderful deeds and dictum is to make us experience his presence shining in all beings anywhere and everywhere or, to put it in Baba's words, "wherever you look".

The purpose of this external journey is to get Darshan of the almighty and thus be inspired by his life and teachings and see him in all the beings.

NESSP is a local 501c3 Non-profit organization started in 2006 with a mission to promote the message of love and inclusiveness. The Shirdi Sai baba temple and Mission center is an accomplishment of a vision held close to the herds of Sai Devotees.

NESSP plans for temple Inauguration and accurate date and details of the program will be announced very soon.  A very unique divine opportunity to be part of a temple construction. A chance to partake in the inauguration ceremony of a temple is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

Our scriptures say: "The ceremony will bring in peace and happiness to all the people who reside in that area, and who participate in the celebrations". Do not miss this blessing of participating in Pranapratishta, Kumbhabhishekam and other poojas on the day of Inauguration.

Follow the link to participate in Kumbhabhishekam and reserve your Kalash: http://nessp.org/donate#!/Kalash-Sponsorship-Kumbhabhishekam/p/85894001/category=23744001

For those who cannot attend the Kumbhabhishekam in person, you can still sponsor for a Kalash anywhere FROM THE WORLD and our priest will perform the pooja rituals on your behalf.

Devotees residing in USA, and sponsor for kalash, Once the pooja and Kumbhabhishekam is complete, we will ship your sponsored Kalash and Prasadam to your home address.

Please add shipping Option if you like us to Ship the Kalash and Prasadam to your home address.

NESSP is building a SAI temple at Groton-MA on the principles of Faith and Patience. With SAI blessings, it happens to be the largest Sai temple of North America with the abode of Hindu Deities.

To learn about temple project construction and support the project, please follow the below links:



Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

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Phone: 978-528-1985

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