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The Curious Case Of Young Politician

The Curious Case Of Young Politician

When you look at some heroes from a big film family at the beginning, the first thought that comes is, how these guys can be onscreen  heroes. 

True to that, their first few films end up becoming a flop. But they don’t give up and do movies relentlessly.

Since there are no other options people start watching them and come to terms that they are heroes.

In this process, those with the real talent get overshadowed.

The same seems to be the case with a young politician. By looking at him itself one cannot stop laughing. When he starts giving speeches, the laughter doubles. The feeling one gets is how this guy can be a leader. People start looking at him like a comedy piece.

But his father doesn’t give up. He will feed people with Beer and Biryani and make them run behind him. He will make them hail him. He will use yellow media to project him as the future leader of India. This constant thrusting will get people into a mode of thinking that he is also a leader. 

In the bargain, deserving leaders like Rammohan Naidu bite the dust.

Raj Gopal (Translated from a social media post after deleting the demeaning and insulting language)

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