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Telangana Report: Will BJP emerge a kingmaker?

Telangana Report: Will BJP emerge a kingmaker?

From quite a long time, discussions have been focused solely on the Congress and BRS parties. The BJP was not considered in the initial considerations, and many analysts even suggested that the total victories for the BJP would not exceed 5-6 seats. However, the situation has since evolved. The BJP high command proposed that winning 15 seats would be sufficient to play a crucial role in the formation of the new government in the state.

As the election date is just two days away, recent survey reports surprisingly indicate that the BJP is strong in 30 out of the 111 constituencies it is contesting. The remaining 8 seats were allocated to Janasena as part of an alliance with the BJP.

This discussion specifically focuses on the 30 seats out of 111 where the BJP appears strong. According to the latest pre-poll survey, 20 candidates from the BJP are expected to be good chance of winning, marking a surprising turn of events.

Here is the list of 20 confirmed winners from the BJP based on the latest ground reports:

Ramulu Yadav - Maheshwaram
Raja Singh - Goshamahal
Tokala Srinivas Reddy - Rajendra Nagar
Ravi Kumar Yadav - Lingampalli
Bandi Sanjay - Kareemnagar
Eetela Rajender - Huzoorabad
Dharmapuri Aravind - Korutla
Vikas Rao - Vemulavada
Keerti Reddy - Bhupalapalli
Dr Kali Prasad - Parakala
Soyam Babu Rao - Bodh
Payal Shankar - Adilabad
Rathod Ramesh - Khanapur
Maheshwar Reddy - Nirmal
Ramarao Patel - Muthol
Suryanarayana Gupta - Nizamabad Urban
Dinesh Kulachari - Nizamabad Rural
Katipalli Venkatarami Reddy - Kamareddy (Revanth Reddy and KCR are contesting from this constituency, but both are projected to lose to BJP)
Raghunandan Rao - Dubbaka
Eetela Rajender - Gajwel (KCR is also contesting from this constituency)

The following is a list of BJP candidates who are giving a tough fight to BRS and Congress candidates:

Ravu Padma - Warangal West
Errabelli Pradeepa Rao - Warangal East
Boga Sravanai (Jagityal)
Husain Nayak (Mehboobabad)
Erragolla Murali Yadav (Narsapur)
Talloju Achari (Kalvakurti)
Mithun Reddy (Mehboobnagar)

It appears that the BJP is well-prepared to play a vital role in Telangana politics this time. If this survey holds true, the BJP could be considered a silent killer in Telangana.


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