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Techie caught having affairs with men, wife lodges complaint of torture

Techie caught having affairs with men, wife lodges complaint of torture

Bengaluru: Jnanabharthi Police in Bengaluru on Wednesday lodged an FIR against a software engineer following the complaint by his wife who alleged that the techie husband has turned out to be a gay and having affairs with men.

Police said that the wife, a MBA graduate, was working with a reputed tech company in Bengaluru. She got married to the accused in 2020. The husband and his parents pressured her to leave the job and she obliged.

The wife had claimed that her marriage was not consummated even after two years of marriage.

Her family and relatives were questioning her about children after the accused brother had a child after one year in his marriage.

When the complainant questioned her husband over his disinterest in marital life, the accused had tried to escape with lame excuses. He had tried to deviate her by asking to opt for IVF treatment and even took her to a hospital.

She had also explained that the accused tried to create an impression that she is not compatible.

Growing suspicious of this development, the wife had checked the phone of the accused and found photos and videos of him having sex with other men.

The wife had alleged that when she confronted him, the accused started torturing her mentally and physically.

She had gone back to her parent’s place after she was not able to tolerate her husband’s torture. The accused had started sending her messages and making calls repeatedly and pleaded that he won’t indulge in such acts again. He also threatened that he would commit suicide if she did not come back to him.

The families had also tried to resolve the dispute between the two, however, the wife did not agree to live with her and lodged a complaint against the techie and his parents and also demanded legal action against them.


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