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TANA reaches to Startups with MEDHA program

St Louis, April 30, 2017: The Telugu Association of North America (TANA) is conducting its 21st National Conference during May 26 - 28 in St Louis.

TANA is conducting many interesting activities as part of this conference. One event which is raising lot of interest in business circles is MEDHA. ‘MEDHA’ is being organized by the Business Forum committee on May 28, 2017.

MEDHA is a platform being created by TANA Business Forum where startups & entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas and seek funding from Venture Capitalists (VC’s). There is also a prize of $5000 for the winning business idea.

MEDHA is promising a strong support system for the product to get the needed exposure and succeed. Manam app which is a popular social networking application for Telugu people participated in the previous edition of this program. TANA is hoping that more enthusiasts submit ideas in diverse domains.

Startups can submit their idea on the application form which is at Last date to send in the applications is May 10th, 2017.

TANA contacts the teams behind the selected ideas, verifies few details and extends invitations to the finalists to present their idea before the panel and VC’s at the TANA Annual convention. The event will happen in St. Louis, USA.

Ram Talluri, the Chair of TANA Business Form, welcomes all startups to utilize this opportunity. “We all know that we are a strong community with high intellectual capital. Events like MEDHA are aimed at driving more people to become the CEO’s of successful future startups”. Ram also asserts that no idea is big or small.

Apart from participating entrepreneurs, TANA is also inviting Sponsors and Venture Capitalists (VC’s) who wish to partner. It is a great stage to meet and appeal to specific target audience.

For any questions, suggestions, TANA Business Forum committee can be reached on or by visiting the page

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