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Spl prayers at Visa Balaji temple to appease Trump!

Spl prayers at Visa Balaji temple to appease Trump!

Worshipping Lord Venkateshwara Swamy temple at Chilkur on the outskirts of Hyderabad is a must for many of the students before applying for visas to go to the United States of America.

There is a strong belief that those who make 108 “Pradakshinas” (circumambulations) around the presiding deity will definitely get the visa to the US. That is why Lord Venkateshwara of Chilkur temple is also known as Visa Balaji.

Though US visa aspirants still throng the temple in large numbers, the recent restrictions being imposed by the Donald Trump administration in the US has been a lot of concern for these aspirants, especially students and job seekers.

On Friday, the temple authorities have come up with a unique idea to change the mindset of Trump on granting visas to Indian immigrant workers and students.

They made the visa aspirants to make two additional “pradakshinas” around the deity, so that the Lord would change Trump’s mind during his ensuing visit to India.

“The Indian Government is making lots of efforts to make Trump's visit fruitful but the devotees here have a unique prayer. They are praying that the Trump Administration should change its highly restricted policy towards dedicated and skilled techies from India who always had contributed to the country they work in,” temple head priest C Rangarajan said.

He said though US President Donald Trump has tightened rules for visas, faith in Lord Balaji of Chilkur among American visa aspirants has not shaken.

Hundreds of students who throng the temple believe that Lord Balaji has the power to beat Donald Trump's resolve to restrict entry of immigrants into the US, he said.

Worried over Trump's reforms, hundreds of students throng `Visa God' and pray for change of heart of the US President, he said.

“Trump is temporary, but Lord Balaji is permanent and if he wants, he can even change the mindset of Donald Trump. Visiting the temple and seeking God's blessings surely boosts the confidence of the devotees,“ he said.



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