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Sixth Vardhanti of Late Dr. YSR and remembering 9/11 victims in Dallas

Sixth Vardhanti of Late Dr. YSR and remembering 9/11 victims in Dallas

The sixth vardhanti of Late Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy was organized while commemorating the victims of 9/11 who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks.

The event started at 7.30 PM with songs of Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy reverberating the Funasia Mehfil auditorium.

Over 300 people from all walks of life thronged at the event, displaying their undisputed love and affection towards their departed leader. Raman Reddy Kristapati coordinator for YSRCP USA, Dallas welcomed the crowd.

He invited Srinivas Obulreddy for conducting the event, the duo later conducted the event with seamless ease.

A Hindu priest and a Muslim Imam performed hymns and a minute of silence was observed for the departed souls during the 9/11 attacks.

Inviting the chief guest of the evening Botsa Satyanarayana who lighted candle marking respect to the departed leader then followed by Dr. Raghava Reddy, Ratnakar, Dr. Vasudeva Reddy, Venkat Medapati, Dr. Sridhar Reddy Korsapati, Dr. Tarakumar Reddy, Dheeraj Akula, Bhima Penta, Anant Pajjur, Ajay Reddy, Pratap Bhimireddy, Srinivas Reddy Gurram, Venkat Musuku, Venu Bhagyanagar, Balki Chamkura along with members of Dallas YSRCP NRI committee  Darga Reddy, Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Dr. Pavan Pamadurthi, Krishna Reddy Koduru, Mahesh Adibhatla, Vishwanath Kicchili, Ravi Ariminda, Ramana Putlur, Thirumala Reddy Kumbham, Jaychandra Reddy, Uma Mahesh, Jayasimha Reddy, Krishnamohan Reddy, Jaychandra Reddy.

Other ardent followers of Dr. YSR lined up for lighting the candles while Botsa Satyanarayana supervising the lineup and greeting them in person.

Most of the members then took to addressing the crowd and explaining how they miss the departed leader dearly and how the two Telugu states need leaders like Dr. YSR.

They however felt confident with the senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana joining YSRCP will add an incredible political power taking on the ruling forces unitedly. Ratnakar briefly introduced Botsa Satyanarayana to the audience.

Botsa then addressing the audience recalled his fond association with late Dr. YSR, the state that underwent and transformed into a leading destination in the whole country, how the state became a synonym for progress and prosperity.

He mentioned the present government in Andhra Pradesh has failed in all areas and that the people are looking to YSRCP party for questioning the government.

He mentioned the party respects the views of the NRIs and assured the opinions will be presented to the central committee.

Discussing about Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy he pointed out, few of the key strengths of Y.S. Jagan is his unending care and concern about the farmers, the backward sections and the under privileged.

He opined that Y.S. Jagan should be made the CM not because of the heir in line, however because of the fore vision and the ability to bring back the lost glory that the state once under the golden rule of late Dr. YSR.

Later he attended to the question and answer session where he responded to all enquires that the audience had with rapt attention.

Earlier in the day there was a blood drive undertaken with the help of American Red Cross where over 65 donors donated blood for any needy people. Botsa Satyanarayana commending the donors at the venue said, the party is fortunate to have such workers and activists spearheading movements for the benefit of the society.

The blood drive was coordinated by Dr. Rami Reddy Buchipudi, Dr. Pavan Pamadurthi, Darga Reddy, Srinivas Reddy Obulreddy, Raman Reddy Kristapati.

Among others Satish Bommineni, Sunil Devireddy, Chandu Reddy, Bhaskar Gandikota, Gopi Chilakuru, Dr. Bhaskar Reddy, Subba Rao Kondeddu, Mohan Mallapathy, Venkat Annapareddy, Ravi Ballada, Narayana Reddy Gandra were present at the event.

The event ended with dinner and Raman Reddy Kristapati delivering the thank you note to all the sponsors, media partners for providing the venue,

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