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Sexess Sutra: No Argument With Spouse

Sexess Sutra: No Argument With Spouse

Today’s lifestyle may have got fast with technology and everything becomes easy but it also has brought a lot of damage to one thing, human relations.

Materialistic priorities and pressures have driven many to have cracks in their emotions. This is more in the couples and it has affected their sex life to a large extent.

Actually after marriage many say sex happiness is not there and they come out trying to look for flings.

Recently, in Bangalore one survey took place and according to that, all those who are arguing with spouse their sex life is getting decreased. For men, they are assuming that it is their impotency.

As such, for erection many factors will be there, if the female keeps bugging the male it is a turn off and he cannot get it up. Similarly, for a lady, sex will become rape if she is constantly bugged by the male. The solution is, both should have happy moments.

Many are going to sexologists for solution though. But the main problem is changing lifestyles and frustration.

If one of them is free but the other is working then that individual will be carrying pressure of work at home as well and sex is not happening. Due to sex problems divorces are happening.

All relationship experts are saying only one thing- just don’t argue, if there is anything then speak in morning, don’t spoil your sex life, seduce each other, next day you can argue, if that is corrected 90% cases are getting solved and genuine cases are only 10%.


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