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'SANKRANTI: A festival of food'

'SANKRANTI: A festival of food'

The sound Sankranti reverbs the sense of celebration. And taking a leaf  from that is your Sankranti, a fine dine Buffet and Banquet place at Atlanta’s elite Johns Creek which is getting ready to celebrate the idea of food by redefining the whole concept of Continental Cuisine…

Rather than the old fashioned and the much battered “Different” Calling it as “One of its kind” would be the right way to describe this practically innovative Sankranti....

A few highlights of “Sankranti”

With 20,000 sft of built up area .. restaurant in two floors...three banquet halls ...4000sft state of art kitchen with capacity to cater upto 10,000 people easily qualifies for the largest Indian origin restaurant in North America....

Its customised traditional interiors at the fine dine restaurant inspired by the “Manduva House” a traditional (Court yard style) rural south Indian home would transcend anyone to the  vintage world of India..

When it comes to the array of dishes it has to offer ...Sankranti is much more than your regular Indian not only caters to the tastes of the Indian community but also to the next generation American born Indians along with the other multi-cultural communities who’s tastes / likes are distinctly different.
In its true style Sankranti Inter Continental would be the only restaurant in the world which offers a Tom yum soup and lasagna Fritata....lamb Koobideh and Red Snapper Steak to your Malai Chicken Kabab...Chicken tikka masala and  a signature San Creek Chicken Palav, Mutton Paulav ....not missing the best of Salads and Desserts from all over the world carefully choosen to suit varied tastes of the multi cultured local community ....a perfect line to express this would be “Sankranti...Something for everyone”

A wide choice calls for a wider expertise...Sankranti has a highly talented team of Chefs specialising in all the multi cuisine specialities it has to offer.

It has two extensive Bars, one at the Dine in..the other at the Buffets, well stocked with a handsome collection of the finest wines and whiskeys from round the world. Its maned by some of the best barmen in the town raring to make your fav magic mixes.

At Sankranti you just got to walk into in style  as It offers a door step Valet parking all through.

Sankranti Dine in:

Dine in at the ground floor, set in a mood lit impeccable and classical Indian decor. Its open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

The Menu at the dine in is carefully designed to suit the tastes of just anyone who walks in ....One would be surprised by the wide variety it has to offer....Its sure to be on your favourites list forever.

Buffets at Sankranti:

Buffets at Sankranti are  a class of its own...With more than 60 plus varieties

From Monday to Thursday...Over 75 plus on Friday ..... and the Grandest Brunch on Saturday and Sunday with over 99 varieties to offer will be  a challenge to your appetite and an experience to experience ...

Going with the concept Sankranti Buffets offer the best of the popular inter-continental cuisines with an underline on the Indian sub-continent. The real highs of it would be the wide variety of Salads and International Deserts along with the ethnic Indian deserts it has to offer...Think the best and it will be only get  better...Its open for lunches for 7 days a week.

Loft at Sankranti:

The loft on the level one reflects the party side of Sankranti...An ultimate weekend hangout place open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm to 2 am...with the best of the cocktails along with some trendy chartbuster remixes and live music to go with them...

Banquets at Sankranti:

Banquets at Sankranti are designed with classic modern decor and a touch of tranquility to suit the requirement of medium to large gatherings.. Banquets are located in two levels split into three halls with a combined capacity of around 750 guests. The grand main hall has high ceiling with a capacity of upto 450 people and others with upto 200 and 100.

Occasions can be any Graduation parties to Birthday parties...Weddings to Sastipoorthy they can only get better with Sankranti Banquets...

The choices of food at the banquets are unlimited covering the popular Indian and world cuisines. Gutti vankai or Gongura Mutton...Berakai Pachadi or Mamidikaya Pappu you order and its there. The Banquet packages can be customised to your taste and your guest list.

Young kids or teenagers, new immigrants or senior citizens choices at Sankranti are like they are just designed for you..

One line to sum it  up all....Sankranti “Something for everyone”

Grand launch Thursday 14th June 2018... Buffet Starts from 11.30 AM...

Grand Brunches: Saturday & Sunday 11.30 AM to 3.00 PM

Week days DINE IN : 4.30 PM to 10 PM.

LOFT LIVE BAR: FRIDAY & SATURDAY 10.30 PM to 2.00 AM.. launch 22nd June.

Location: 2000 Raymoss Connector, Johns Creek, GA.
Phone: 770 242 6899

BY, Sankranti Team.

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC



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