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PPP Fraud: Danger Bells For Telugus In USA

PPP Fraud: Danger Bells For Telugus In USA

Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) is the program implemented by the US Federal government during the Covid-19 lockdown period. This initiative involves providing salary payments to all employees of companies to safeguard both lives and the nation's economy.

According to the program employers of small businesses were directed to declare the number of employees and their salaries. Subsequently the government would provide the total salaries to the employer to ensure security and stability.

However some employers engaged in fraudulent activities by falsely declaring the number of employees, instantly hiring new employees, inflating salaries, or engaging in a combination of these actions.

Some even diverted funds obtained through the PPP to procure MLA and MP tickets in the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh, aligning with their party interests.

The total amount involved in the PPP scam is approximately USD 1.2 trillion making it the largest in history. American authorities are now diligently pursuing all such fraudulent employers.

Similar to how certain Telugu NRIs are being apprehended in Matching Grant Frauds, authorities are actively seeking out and prosecuting PPP fraudsters.

NRI employers! if you have committed any such crimes, be wary of potential whistleblowers. Even if you haven't, be prepared for scrutiny from authorities as they are actively investigating and preparing to take action. Brace for the impact!


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