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PFL Request Support for JP as MP

PFL Request Support for JP as MP

People for Loksatta(PFL), organisation of NRI supporters, is calling for action from all Telugu people to support campaign for electing Dr. JP from Malkajgiri constituency.

Mr. Raghuveer Mukkamala, Finance vice president of PFL, calls all supporters to take part in the campaign as there are only four days left to campaign before April 30th. He calls all supporters to donate some amount to Loksatta party however small that amount is.

He expresses gratitude to all members of PFL for helping to raise around 80 lakh rupees from NRIs. Raghuveer claims that Loksatta party stands for transparency and listed all donations on website.

Kindly Donate - https://win.loksatta.org/donate/

You all know that Dr. JP brought the reputation to Andhra Pradesh assembly by providing solutions to complex partisan issues, standing on the side of people without raising emotions related to caste, region or religion and doing 900 crores development works in Kukatpally with “0” Corruption and another 600+ crores works pending.

He claims that there is absolute need for JP to be in parliament to make justice and provide progressive path to all Telugu people of new two states formed. JP’s works can be found in Kukatpally Website -  www.Kukatpallynow.com

Mr.Venu Sadu and Ms.Sarvani Piratala, are leading phone campaign for the people who are not on ground. Ms.Sarvani being the volunteer who herself called few thousand people in past campaigns approached Mr.Venu, IT head of PFL to provide solution to save the overhead time. They together came up with software tool called call2win to make call management easier.

Call to win: http://win.loksatta.org/call2win
JP as MP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9iYEZ8fUvg

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