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Permanent Work From Home: Pros And Cons

Permanent Work From Home: Pros And Cons

Satya Nadella has expressed his negative views on permanent work from home. But there are some positive views as well.

Let us look into the possible pros and cons surrounding the word from home scenario. 


- No travel time between office and home

- Fuel can be saved and thus contribute towards lesser traffic on roads and a pollution free world 

- Can work beyond office hours and so the task orientation can be improved

- No wastage of time with time pass chitchats (with colleagues)

- Companies can save a lot on office space, refreshments for the staff and lot more

- Quality of work and output can be improved (as long as there is no disturbance in the domestic front)

- No need to keep the kids in child care centers and a few thousands of dollars can be saved

- No outside food and thus health can be taken care

- Can work for two to three companies simultaneously as an outsourcing consultant for better earnings

- Can take up a job in California and work from home at Dallas. No need to relocate. 

- Onsite travel and meetings can be replaced with video conferences and much better interfaces after the onset of 5G

- No forced shopping in malls during weekdays as nothing catches the eye for being at home 


- Government loses income due to the diminished number of commuters on public transport 

- Economy will be affected with the closure of many fast food centers especially in software hubs

- Work will be badly affected if the relation with spouse gets disturbed 

- Health of the people will be affected due to the reduced mobility 

- Prone to data security breach 

- Salaries may come down due to cost effective lives

- Single bedroom houses may not suffice for peaceful work especially when the parents live together

- Sudden walk- in- guests may disturb the work 

So, for every change there will be positives and negatives. Change in the interest of larger group of people will be swift.

When the majority employees and employers feel work from home will be mutually beneficial, no system can stop. 

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