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Opinion: India!! Make Your Choice!

The proponents of Telangana state say that they had faced numerous injustices in the past in education, jobs and water sharing and Seemandhra people intentionally caused these injustices to them.

Seemandhra people do not agree with that view and say that any perceived injustices on Telangana can be addressed in United Andhra itself and there is no need of forming separate state.

Telangana proponents do not want to listen to anything but formation of their state come what may. They do not care even if Seemandhra people have to go to hell. Congress party and BJP support Telangana proponents for their short term electoral benefits and are ignoring the long term effects on the Indian nation.

After Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, Seemandhra state's future will look very bleak. Youth will find lack of education and job opportunities, with the loss of Hyderabad to Telangana. Unemployment will be a huge problem. Farmers will go into destitution with lack of irrigation water for agriculture. There will be no money coming from Central government for Seemandhra’s development as Central government is itself in huge deficit. People will be forced to migrate to other states for employment opportunities. Bihar's past will be Seemandhra state's future. 

Seemandhra state will be left with no future in Indian Union. Only way to prevent this to happen is either keep Andhra Pradesh United or let Seemandhra people decide whether they want to be in Indian Union or become an independent country. This thought may appear shocking to many people. But it is very logical and valid argument.

When Telangana can force itself out of Andhra Pradesh without addressing the concerns of Seemandhra and rest of India doesn't seem to care about it, what options does Seemandhra have?  Become a poor and destitute state in India Union!! Why can't it leave India Union when nobody in India cares about it. Telangana proponents say let us separate like brothers and still maintain good relations.

Then why can't Seemandhra use the same argument and say let us separate as brother nations and still maintain friendly relations. Telangana can keep Hyderabad with all its assets and revenue for itself. 

Independent Seemandhra nation doesn't need a single penny of revenue from Hyderabad or from India. International water tribunal can be used to adjudicate water sharing treaties. All the assets of Indian Union in Seemandhra will be transferred to Seemandhra Nation. 

Independent Seemandhra nation will have a long coast line and can become a hub for international shipping and trade. Huge investments will come from China and US into the new country. It will rapidly industrialize. It will become like another Singapore! India - Seemandhra relations can be modelled on basis of India - Nepal relations. Open borders, visa free travel, etc. 

So, India!! Make your choice! United Andhra State or Independent Seemandhra Nation!

Written By Sudhakar Ravuri

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author's and not of