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Opinion: Bhagat Singh Vs Lagadapati Rajgopal

Opinion: Bhagat Singh Vs Lagadapati Rajgopal

No sooner the pepper spray incident in Parliament was spread like a wild fire across the nation, than the comparison of Lagadapati Rajagopal with Shaheed Bhagat Singh has come into light in social networking sites.

As the news came out, everybody thought that Lagadapati used pepper spray to create tumult in Parliament to stop T-Bill.

Even Telangana activists responded that he may stop the process for one day using pepper spray but what will he do the next day.

And many even joked, “He has been saying about Brahmastram to stop T-Bill; we wondered knowing it as Pepper Spray”.

But after a while, when he came explained to media that he used pepper spray only for self defense, the comparison with Bhagat Singh has become null and void.

History recorded Bhagat Singh as the one who revolted against the government throwing bombs as revenge to Lala Lajpat Rai’s death.

But Lagadapati didn’t take any revenge here. He didn’t even attempt to create pandemonium with pepper spray to stop T-Bill.

He said that he used it to protect himself from MPs those mobbed him. If that is the case, why did he tell the people that he is ready to give away even his life for the cause of Seemandhra? I wonder what he answers to this question.

Sentiment would have become very strong had he stood like a rock when MPs are thrashing him. Instead, he just escaped the scene using pepper spray (popularly known as a weapon of women but not men).

He also said that he has been regularly carrying pepper spray in pocket suspecting a Telangana mob attack on him. If so, doesn’t he believe in his personal security guards? If that is the case, is he giving an idea that every citizen should carry pepper spray in pockets? This is something shocking to understand as this act is carried by a responsible public representative in Parliament house.

Along with questioning Lagadapati’s act, I also feel disgusted looking at the T-leaders those catch the collar and hit Jaya Prakash Narayan in public; those call the cops with filthy language like road side gundas and those who attack Seemandhra MPs in Lok Sabha like street dogs.

Entire world is saying ‘India on shame’. It’s the tussle of MPs and pepper spray scene in the climax is the reasons for that head line that keeps India’s head down.

CV Ramana, Singapore



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