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NRI Telugus Behind Satya Nadella

Perhaps a week ago, he was just one of those top management guys who would have been going to work and returning home like any other day.

But today he has become the cynosure of all Indians and especially the Telugus. His name is Satya Nadella and he happens to be the new CEO of Microsoft.

From the time Satya’s name was announced many Telugu groups are trying to bind with him. In that process, it is now heard that the NRI associations based in the USA such as TANA, NATS, NATA have got onto a new mission. They are now preparing to invite Satya for their events and share his thoughts.

Not sure whether Satya was given that leverage before or not but at the moment he has become nothing short of a celebrity.

The fact that he grew up in Hyderabad gives a better reason for the NRI folks to have Satya around when they have their annual get-togethers and other cultural events. Let us see who will Satya oblige.



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