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Mithaas - Now Available For Nationwide Delivery

Mithaas - Now Available For Nationwide Delivery

Mithaas - NY's most loved Indian premium sweets is now available for nationwide delivery. Mithaas serves the most authentic Street Food, traditional Indian Mithai, and desserts. All dishes and sweets are made from the finest ingredients right here in our kitchens and now it's available to ship nationwide.

Indian sweets not only satiate the taste buds but also bring along memories and reassurance. India, famous for its divine culture and heritage, is also quite famous for its diverse range of delicious sweets. From motichoor laddus to badam barfis, Indians ensure that every festival is celebrated with joy, happiness and, of course, Indian mithai!

India ranks as one of the highest calories consuming nations with an increasing rate of consumption per year. Undoubtedly, a fine chunk of credit goes to the ‘mithaiwallaas’, who prepare the finest delicacies to satisfy the sweet tooth and entice one with their delectable range of Indian sweets.

Motichoor Laddu
With added pistachios and saffron, a soft and sweet motichoor laddu is one of the finest Indian sweets that finds a prominent place in all Indian festivals. From New Year to Diwali sweets, motichoor laddus are boxed and exchanged to symbolize good wishes and love. Made from besan and fried in pure ghee, a motichoor ladoo has a mouth-watering taste with a nutty flavor.

Made with condensed milk and added crushed cashews and almonds, barfis are one of the most delicious Indian sweets. Barfis include milk, sugar, nuts and more, offering a rich and enticing taste. Resembling like a fudge, barfis are made using full-fat milk, sugar and ghee. A creamy and rich bite of delicious barfi is a must-try to savor the lip-smacking taste of this Indian delight.

Gulab Jamun
These easy melting sugar-dipped round sweets are nothing less than a lip-smacking delight. Gulab jamun is sweet-tasting round balls fried in pure ghee to golden brown and dipped in saffron flavored sugar syrup. This delicacy is a smooth and easy melting sweet that makes it one of the most loved Indian sweets.

Someone has rightly said you can never stop at just one rasmalai! A light, spongy, cardamom flavored and spiced with aromatic saffron, rasmalai is a creamy, milky sweet bite with a delicious and irresistible taste. Flattened balls of cheese curd are soaked in clotted cream filled with nuts and sprinkled with saffron. Rasmalai is one of the decadent indulgences, loved by one and all to smother their sweet cravings.

We bet you must be salivating for the moment, reading about these mouth-watering Indian delicacies. Quicklly, a one-stop shop for all your cravings, brings you the most delicious Indian sweets and savories by the finest and authentic meal serving restaurants nationwide.

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