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Media, Whither Social Responsibility?

The media has abrogated to itself, the sacred duty of watchdog of the constitution. But there have been umpteen occasions when it has been directly responsible for striking at the very foundation of democracy.

The craze for TRPs has made them completely insensitive to the consequences of their actions. And the sad part is, they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes.

Remember the terrorist attacks on Mumbai and the Taj hotel? Who can forget those inhuman hours? The heart of every Indian still bleeds for their fellow countrymen who perished in those attacks.

But during those attacks, there was one eminent journalist called Barkha Dutt who did the nation proud with her activity. Even as the NSG Commandoes had launched an operation to flush out the terrorist rom the Taj, this great lady was providing live updates on each and every activity of the NSG thereby alerting the terrorists in the hotel.

And once again, the media is to be blamed for the violence in Karnataka. Monday had started off peacefully in Bangalore. But TV channels started beaming images of a Kannada hotel in Chennai that was attacked by a pro-Tamil outfit.

The news went viral on social media and sparked off an outrage in Karnataka. It was four people who attacked the Kannada hotel, four miscreants belonging to a radical outfit without any support. By no means did the act have the support of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Had the media shown restraint in reporting the incident, Bangalore would not have been burning today. for people who seek to educate the public, how can they behave in such an uneducated manner?

Written By Kiran Sharma



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