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Live Tracking: China's Rocket Falls On Turkmenistan?

Live Tracking: China's Rocket Falls On Turkmenistan?

China's out of control rocket Long March 5B is heading towards the planet with a speed of 18000 miles per hour. The latest estimates by the US Military say that it may fall anytime in Turkmenistan. 

Some in India are fearing that the trajectory deviation may lead it to hit the Indian soil as well. As per the European Space Agency it may fall in any place on the South of Japan or Europe's Italy, Portula and Greece.

The path is confusing but the devastation will be massive as its weight is 22 tons. It may hit the ground at around 4:30 AM IST. It's size is 100 feet.

While the millions around the world are praying that it should fall in any of the oceans, China is affirming that there wouldn't be any loss to any nation as the parts of the rocket will be burnt mid air as and when it enters the earth's atmosphere.

We have to see what the end point will be. Get glued for updates.

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