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Kumble's 'Bare It All' Book?

We all know of the 'not-so-happy' ending of Anil Kumble's career as the Indian coach. The clash of egoes between the former coach and Indian skipper Virat Kohli are no longer a secret. 

In fact, all of media and social media has been busy trying to dissect the spat between the two cricketers and there have been loads of stories that have been doing rounds.

However, Kohli and Co have maintained all along that all is well. But looks like some skeletons will spill out of the cupboard very soon, if things go as planned for a Delhi-based publishing house.

Apparently, a top publishing house had approached Kumble to tell it as it is in a book. Though Kumble declined the offer, the publishing house was persistent and insisted he consider the proposition.

A few days back, when the publishing house tried contacting Kumble, it is said that he had asked them to talk to his manager. Well, this could mean that Kumble might be finally in the mood to 'bare some harsh facts'.

Now, who does not like a 'tell it all' book after all. As for the readers and cricket fans, it will surely make a 'popcorn-munching' read.



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