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Is It The End Of The American Dream?

Is It The End Of The American Dream?

The United States has always been a dream destination for professionals around the world but Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency has cast shadows on the dream.

Technology professionals in India were startled to hear the news that Trump was planning to put restrictions on the much sought-after H1B visa.

The H1B visa was started with an aim to attract top talent to the the United States. Professions arriving on H1B visa usually apply for permanent residency and they are often given visa extension. The visa is far from being scrapped, as per the latest news from the country.

Going by the indications, the Unites States is likely to stress a merit-based system as a prerequisite for immigration and permanent residency.

A top officer has said that the United States was not averse to the idea of letting in more people with skill and English proficiency. The proposed merit-based system is expected to put in place definite guidelines in this aspect.

This system might ultimately turn out to be beneficial to skilled professionals from countries such as India.

The officer also emphasized that a candidate’s attitude towards the United States may be a major deciding factor in granting H1B visa. So will be the TOFEL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score.

The green card lottery system might lose currency eventually. The system had come under pressure, especially in light of the frequent terror attacks in the United States in the last one year.

The exodus of Indian students to the US universities also depends on the job opportunities in the country.

Experts in he sector counsel that students can continue to pursue courses in science, technology and management no matter how uncertain the political climate stays. The students might need to do their homework before selecting the universities though.

The ranking of the university, their track record and basic infrastructure are key factors to watch before you make a decision.

A country such as the United States cannot do away with visa extension all of a sudden, experts opine. However, candidates should keep themselves updated to cope with the changing scenario. The job market is set to be more competitive.

Experts in booming sectors such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, automation and bio research are likely to stay in high demand.



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