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Introducing Mallika & Carrie Mangoes

Introducing Mallika & Carrie Mangoes

This Summer, Eat Some More Mangoes: Blooming full in their ripened form, Mallika and Carrie mangoes come in an array of delicious varieties, 'cut and served' to relish the enchanting breezy summers with the most delectable flesh of this highly coveted summer fruit. What's the best part of summers, they ask? Mangoes unarguably remains our answer!

Carrie Mangoes: Carrie mango is a fiberless mango with a sweet and delicious taste. This mango is very close to Hapus or Alphonse mangoes in India. Carrie grows predominantly in South Florida. Carrie Mangoes may look pale green or orange and might not have a very attractive look, but in taste and flavor, no other mango comes close to it.

This super sweet mango has citrus and longan notes.  The texture is more creamy than other varieties. It is very similar to the Julie Mango in texture and flavor. Always go by softness when determining a mango's ripeness! THIS MANGO MAY STAY GREEN WHEN RIPE.

Each box will contain 6 mangoes of about 1 LB each. These mangoes are super tasty and will remind you of Alphonso from India.

Fresh Mallika Mangoes grown in our Mango Farms in Florida

Semi-sweet Indian dessert Mango. All Natural carefully handpicked, packed, and shipped on the same day to retain freshness. Since we grow our Mangoes in US, our Mangoes don't have to undergo Hot water treatment.

All the imported mangoes grown outside the US have to go under hot water treatment. The hot water treatment changes the taste of the mangoes. So if you really want to enjoy the perfect taste of Mangoes then go ahead and give it try !!

This box is a pack of 6 big-size mangoes 1 pound each.

- Used for making healthy and refreshing smoothies & milkshakes.
- Chill and slice it to enjoy the tropical fruit in its natural form.
- Used to make ice creams, popsicles, cakes, and other desserts.

Mangoes nestle in the heart of one and all for their curvaceous shape - long held as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Even today, odes are sung for their addictive taste delighting our senses, shaping as a symbol of Indian motif.

Quicklly brings you the 'Amra Phal' - the earliest name given to mangoes, in their most ripened and ready-to-eat taste right to your doorstep!

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