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Introducing Lassi - Iconic Drink of India

Introducing Lassi - Iconic Drink of India

Celebrate the appetizing drink of India, long-held as a customary slurp with Indian parathas, with a bristling taste of flavors to add to your cherished memories - which the ‘ancient Indian smoothie’ has always been a part of.

Known to foster a healthy gut and boost instant energy, Quicklly revels the most versatile wholesome drink, offering you a whole new freshness with doorstep delivery of Iconic Lassi.

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We bring you fresh, nutrient-dense Lassi to whet your appetite with the piquancy of raw Indian taste. Drench your buds in the refreshing flavors of mango, Himalayan salt, and sugarcane that hold aplenty to smother your cravings for a delicious sip of invigorating taste.

Mango Lassi
Here’s your summer respite flavored with the sweet taste of the most revered fruit of India. Packed with the freshness of sweet pulp and goodness of wholesome bacteria’s, relish the calming effect of our freshly made Indian authentic smoothie.

Himalayan Salt Lassi
Indulge in the sense-delight taste of our Himalayan Salt Lassi, boasting the taste of savory salt and yogurt to load your body with the power of protein. Here’s the King of Smoothies to fill your tummy with a yummy treat.

Sugarcane Lassi
Bristling with wholesome deliciousness, slurp our sugarcane lassi made using freshly harvested sugarcane, milk and yogurt to deliver a rich sweet taste that’s got aplenty to crave for!

Slurp our refreshing flavored Lassi, infused with a unique blend of magical flavors, yogurt, and milk.

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