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Hyderabad student goes missing in US

Hyderabad student goes missing in US

A Hyderabad student attending Cal State University San Bernardino, Nitheesha Kandula, has been missing in Los Angeles, California, since May 28, 2024.

According to media reports, the 23-year-old girl, identified as Nitheesha Kandula, went missing in Los Angeles, California.

Additionally, Rupesh Chandra Chintakindi, a 25-year-old Telangana student pursuing a master’s degree at Concordia University, Wisconsin, recently went missing in Chicago.

In another case, 25-year-old Hyderabad student Mohammad Abdul Arfath, previously missing in Cleveland, was later found dead.

There have also been incidents of Indian students in the US losing their lives in road accidents. Last year, Pratiksha Kunwar, a 24-year-old Hyderabad student, died in a road accident in Cheney, Kansas.

These incidents highlight the growing concerns about the safety of Indian students in the US.


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