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Help needed for ailing software engineer on foreign soil

Help needed for ailing software engineer on foreign soil

A bright IT professional Mallareddy Duggirala, 36 from  Guntur district fighting for his life in Roseville, CA, USA.

On April 14th this year he got severe cardiac arrest and got admitted in Sutter hospital, Roseville, CA. Due to lack of Oxygen to his brain, his brain was completely damaged and he is in Coma from the past 30 days.

Doctors tried different ways to get him to normal stage but nothing worked out as of today. During the process of his treatment, he has undergone tracheostomy surgery and feeding through PEG tube.

As a next step, the Hospital Case Manager is suggesting to move him from Sutter Hospital, Roseville to a rehabilitation center which is very far from Roseville.

His wife and his family are in deepest despair and not in a position to accept this since there may not be any friends who can support her on. And the family's wish is to take him to India and they believe in that he may get recover after hearing the voices of his parents, twin daughters, relatives and friends. 

Doctors are advising to take Mallareddy to India in Air ambulance with medical support, which costs around 200K. His family cannot bear this huge expense and at the same time they are hopeful that bringing him to India can save his life.

So any help or information about charitable medical organizations and possible financial support will be highly appreciated. To find more possible help from the kind people all over the world, we hope this message could be spread out.

Your generous donations will make easier to move him to India. Please Support Mallareddy and his family. All his family would be extremely grateful if you would like to give them help in whatever way.

Thank you very much!

Please find the link below for donation ReddyDuggirala

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