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Great Sleep Is The New Great Sex

Great Sleep Is The New Great Sex

Sleeplessness is not just a physiological thing. It disturbs everything in life. A good sleep gives a right sexual fantasy and of course the drive to spend great time with the partner. 

A research says that the men who sleep for less than 5 hours a day for a period of time lose 10% of testosterone in their body which means that they age by 10 years approximately. Same is the case with women as well. When they sleep well, they tend to show off 14% better sexual drive. Sleep is directly connected to the happy hormones. 

A survey proved that those who sleep with their partners tend to have a better sleep than those who sleep all alone (leaving the victims of snoring as an exception). 

On the other hand, we know morning people and evening people. When the partners are extreme, they too may not have a blissful sleep together as one tends to sleep late and the other tends to wake up earlier. 

A good sleep leads to good health, pleasure and relationship building through great sexual life.


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