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Great Leap Forward For Greatandhra Tabloid!

The latest issue of Greatandhra Tabloid, infotainment and political weekly, is on the stands this Sunday. The significance of this issue is that your favourite magazine completes five years.

It is no less significant achievement for the print version of the most popular digital portal of to survive for five full years, at a time when the print media has been undergoing a major crisis all over India and also the world with even decades-old national and international dailies and weeklies are downsizing their publications and some, even shutting down their editions for various reasons.

But, thanks to the tremendous support from the readers and advertisers, the Greatandhra weekly magazine has only grown from strength to strength in the last five years.

The strength of the magazine has been its content – it provides all things to all people including news, analyses, gossips, views and reviews on a wide range of topics from politics to films to sports to developments across the country. At the same time, its trendy design, colourful layout and quality printing have been attracting viewers at the stands.

We are proud to say that Greatandhra Tabloid is the only magazine which provides you with such a wholesome package of infotainment. There is no other magazine which has such a massive reach and wide circulation and that is perhaps the reason why our circulation has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

And there is still demand from our distributors for pumping of more copies into the market with every passing week. The advertisers, too, have been evincing interest in Greatandhra as it is an ideal platform to promote their products. We are grateful to each and every one who have shown interest in patronising our magazine.

With your support and encouragement, Greatandhra will take a giant leap forward in the coming years, too!

Associate Editor
Vijaya Lakshmi



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