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Godavari to Cook in Herndon, VA this November

Godavari to Cook in Herndon, VA this November

USA, Virginia, Oct 21st 2016: Godavari, the fastest growing restaurant in the World is going to cook in Herndon, VA from this November. 

“Team Godavari” is thrilled to flow Godavari to Herndon area as they have been getting a numerous request’s to open up Godavari in this area. 

Godavari Herndon is conveniently located in and around the corporate center and with a very close proximity to the huge residential community which has lot of Indian food lovers. 

Godavari is going to cook the most authentic and brand new recipes which they just got from the villages across the South India. 

Godavari Herndon will also serve the food lovers with unique menu and a different concept of Godavari all together that would excite the food lovers every day. 

Talking about flowing Godavari to Herndon, Kamakshi Tummalapalli, franchise owner of Godavari Herndon and Godavari Maryland says that she is very excited to open up this location that would serve a huge Indian community in the area. She also added that her journey with Godavari family is always a great feeling and I feel blessed to get this great opportunity to serve thousands of customers with great food and take them to back home to their villages. Godavari Maryland is already catering to many parts of Greater Washington area and now Godavari Herndon added to list which would double up our capacity to serve more authentic Indian food to the D.C Area”. 

We feel bad not to serve the people who want to taste our food on the Opening day due to heavy crowds. So, we started this concept of inviting you to come at the particular time through our evite process”. 

“Team Godavari” is also mentioned that we are celebrating this Diwali across all our locations with a great authenticity and grand buffets with more than 60 + items. 

Godavari also thanks the people of Charlotte for their warm welcome to Godavari and making the grand opening a huge success. 

They also added that Godavari Herndon would be our 15th location in just 15 months of Godavari’s first evolution in Boston, MA. 

It is possible only because of high energetic and young team and also with the blessings of all Godavari food lovers. 

Sometimes, we feel emotional on hearing about some of your bad experiences in few of our locations due to various reasons and we are sincerely working within the family to fix all those issues and flow the authenticity of South Indian food to nook and corner of the world. 

We will update you on the opening date soon and will send you an evite so that you can reserve your table for the Grand Opening and does not have to wait in long lines. 

Come and enjoy our great Grand Opening Specials!! 

HERNDON, VA - 20170

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