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GarudaVega - ECONOMY Shipping @ Rs.350/KG

GarudaVega - ECONOMY Shipping @ Rs.350/KG


We at Garudavega & GarudaBazaar wish you all a vibrant and colorful Diwali filled with prosperity, joy and contentment.

Garudavega ships all over the world - USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Middle East and 200 other countries. We are the most competent and trusted service provider.

In addition to the very popular EXPRESS service, Garudavega is now offering ECONOMY shipping to USA for Rs.350/KG (price for 25+ KG’s), which takes Minimum 5 working days to deliver.

Indians abroad, who miss the festivities back home, provide their families delight through the medium of Returns Gifts and serving delicious snacks and sweets from their native land, on this occasion. Needless to say, we at GarudaBazaar have taken delight in being the messengers of the tokens of their love, and will continue to do so.

Special sweets and snacks are now available from multiple famous vendors across cities in South India - ‘Grand Sweets’, ‘Sri Krishna’, ‘Adyar Anandha Bhavan’, ‘Swagruha’, ‘Pulla Reddy’, ‘Vellanki’ and ‘Sridevi. We do hope you will love our latest additions as always.

We are offering special Diwali discounts up to 20% for some of our return gifts.

Also, an additional 5% discount can be applied using coupon code “DIWALI” at check out.

We at Garudavega and GarudaBazaar thank you from the bottom of our heart and once again wish you a happy and safe ‘Diwali’.

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