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Farmer's Son Rises To Net Worth Of Rs 33,113 Cr

Farmer's Son Rises To Net Worth Of Rs 33,113 Cr

PP Reddy, the chairman of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd (MEIL) stood up as India's 43rd richest person with a net worth of Rs 33,000 Cr plus.

Reddy, a farmer's son, started his Megha Engineering Enterprises in 1989 and eventually ventured into infrastructure projects like roads, dams and networks to distribute natural gas.

In the state of Telangana, Megha built the largest lift irrigation project in India, costing around $14 billion.

He began his business with just two employees 36 years ago and slowly emerged as the nation's proud industrialist.

It certainly requires indelible and impeccable commitment to grow this big over a period of years. The perseverance with teamwork and the focus on business makes this possible. 

The Megha is also a pioneer in renewable energy, irrigation, power, oil and gas, and drinking water, and boasts some of the largest projects in the nation and worldwide.


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