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Eid & Biryani - Eid Specials & Indian Sweets

Eid & Biryani - Eid Specials & Indian Sweets

A pious month of Eid dictated by the lunar cycle, beginning, and ending with the crescent moon, is a time of dedication to immersing oneself in the holy prayers to strengthen your relationship with God.

A month dedicated to fasting, prayers, charity, and generosity is widely celebrated around the world, marking the exchange of love and, of course, gifts! Especially for you, we have curated some incredible gift options to foster love and allow sweet exchanges to bloom to their best during this month of compassion and acceptance.

Gourmet Fruits
Blending gourmet excellence with a healthy lifestyle, bless your best-loved with the most natural and luxurious taste of the Noor collection by Laumiere, made from hand-picked ingredients. Laumiere's premium indulgences are rich, containing no additives or flavors. Made with rich berries, nuts, and our love, we give you some sweet reasons to celebrate and spread smiles everywhere.

Indian Meal Kits
The best you can do for someone is make them feel at home. Indian meal kits do the same. Our easy-to-make Indian authentic meal kits are loaded with aromatic and smoky Indian flavors, getting richer and tastier with every bite. Warm Indian meals have always won the hearts of all, so why not gift one!

Indian Sweets and Snacks
This is our personal favorite. Not only can you gift some meaningful chocolates, but also enticing Indian sweets and snacks handmade with pure selected ingredients.

Relish the mouth-amusing taste of motichoor laddoos, creamy barfis, scrumptious pedas, and a broad range of savory snacks coming straight from the heart of India to your home.

Gifts must be meaningful, bringing joy to the receiver, they say. Well, we couldn't agree more as our list of most classic and purposeful gifts are sure to make your Ramadan exciting and memorable.

Spreading cheer and blessings everywhere, we hope our commitment to serving you with the most captivating Indian flavors rests in your heart, bringing a sense of trust and love for all our authentic Indian products.

Looking for the ideal gift? Your search gets a pause here! Shop our exclusive products made to bring a guaranteed smile and cheer to all.

Happy Eid!

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