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Eenadu Sridhar's Cartoon Tribute to Ramoji Rao

Eenadu Sridhar's Cartoon Tribute to Ramoji Rao

Eenadu cartoonist Sridhar needs no introduction for Telugu people of four generations. He has been a pillar for the growth of Eenadu daily, and his cartoons have always been praised by people from all political parties.

His relationship with Ramoji Rao has spanned decades. Though he retired from his job as the cartoonist of Eenadu recently, his association with Ramoji Rao is historic. 

Continuing as a solo cartoonist for so many decades and remaining humble and loyal to Ramoji Rao and the Eenadu Group, despite gaining huge prominence and popularity, is a quality of Sridhar that deserves recognition.

Today, he paid tribute to his ex-boss and long-time mentor, Ramoji Rao, upon his demise and posted it on his FB handle. 

His fresh cartoon carries no words or statement. It shows a political leader surrounded by security guards and cops, while Ramoji Rao, holding his Eenadu as a weapon on his shoulder, walks behind a weak and poor man who appears to be a farmer.

This implies that while the entire system was guarding only the politicians, Ramoji Rao, with his Eenadu, guarded only the common man. 

The size of Ramoji Rao is depicted as larger than anyone else in the cartoon, which implies that he is the largest. 

This is the outlook or feeling of cartoonist Sridhar about Ramoji Rao and Eenadu.


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