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Dr.YSR Birthday Celebration in LA in Helicopter

Dr.YSR Birthday Celebration in LA in Helicopter

The 63’rd Birthday of Dr.YSR, “A doctor with a finger on the public pulse" has been celebrated in the skies of Los Angeles by YSfanclub USA.

On July 8th morning YSfanclub USA president Nandyala Veera Reddy Advisor Nagesh ,members Sreekanth Reddy Komatireddy, Kandula Sreenivas Reddy and Veera Babu Ambati left in A-star helicopter from Coasta mesa.

As usual and always for YSfanclub members sky is the limit to show reverence on their beloved leader YSR, The 63rd birthday of Dr.YSR was uniquely celebrated in Los Angeles Skies. As soon as the helicopter reached 1000 ft height on Dr.Prem Reddy's Newport Beach house, the helicopter was echoed with the shouts and cheers of the YSRfans. A huge cake was cut in the honor of YSR in the air on top of America YSR's house.

The helicopter flew over the Guest house of Dr.Prem Reddy (America YSR) a classmate of Dr.YSR, Hollywood Hills, Seaport and LA Downtown. Dr.YSR fan Veera Ambati captured all the photos and recorded the celebration.

YSfanclub president Veera Reddy thanked the millions of YSRfans all over the world for celebrating the Dr.YSR birthday and congratulated Dr. Prem Reddy and Dr. Malla Reddy the great friends of Dr.YSR for receiving the YSR foundation award.

YSfanclub advisor Nagesh explained the significance to celebrate the Dr.YSR's birth day by cutting his birthday cake in a helicopter. This was to remember his last trip in a helicopter, where his soul left his body while he was on his way for the people's "RACHABANDA".

YSfanclub President Veera Reddy Thanked the American Billionaire Dr.Prem Reddy garu for his continuous support to YSfanclub in honor of his great friend Dr.YSR. All the YSR fans were highly elated at the astounding birthday celebrations of their immortal leader YSR.

Jai Ho YSR.

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