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Donald Trump May End Up In Jail

Donald Trump May End Up In Jail

Donald Trump may become the first Ex-President of the USA to end up in jail. This is the latest talk that has been in the legal circuit of the nation.

As per the sources, the latest incident of provoking terror at the Capitol is potential enough to keep Trump behind the bars.

If he's convicted at the upcoming Senate trial, there are 100% chances of him to be barred from ever running for federal office again.

Trump's real estate empire, hotel and golf resorts also may face the slump. Though there are some hardcore supporters to Trump ,the legal system will have its own role to play.

There are several lawsuits and criminal investigations on Trump much before the Capitol Riots. He may have to spend the rest of his life with court battles, says a Washington source.

While the rest of the former Presidents spend their lives writing books, playing golf and giving motivational speeches, the plight of Trump is going to be something different.

Someone saying about the same on social media quoted, "One can reap only what he sows".

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