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Disgusting: Are You Watching This Chakri?

Disgusting: Are You Watching This Chakri?

'My husband was killed by his mother and sister for property' – Chakri's wife. 'My brother was killed by his wife who used to frequent casinos' – Chakri’s brother and rest of family.

Well, great philosopher Karl Marx's theory was that all human relations were basically financial in nature, even if meant barter of goods and services.

One cannot help but be reminded of his now famous words if one sees how late Chakri’s family is fighting it out on world-wide television.

His wife on one side and his mother and the rest of his family on the other side have been making allegations and counter allegations for being indirectly responsible for the music director’s death.

Also, they are openly washing the dirty linen without once thinking about him or his memory. In fact, both parties claim that they are fighting it out owning to the love and respect they have for him.

Of course, we are not the ones to decide who is wrong or who is right. But one thing is pretty obvious though.

According to Indian marriage system, a lawfully wedded wife is entitled to the property of her husband after his death. Wonder why this little and very obvious point is not understood by his wailing mother and rest of his family including his brothers and sisters?

Legally, Chakri’s wife has all rights to assess his bank cards, accounts and other movable and immovable property. She is one who is the rightful heir to his property and not the rest of the family including his mother. In fact, even if he had any pending loans etc, his wife would be solely responsible for their repayment.

Why then is his family not letting the matter rest? Why are they making a public spectacle of an issue that does not involve them? Why are both parties desperately trying to prove that their version is right?

Of course, somebody else’s family feud is always entertaining and it does get a lot of TRPs.

But apart from helping channels get instant TRPs, what actual purpose does this public fighting solve?

By calling names and blaming each other, they are only making their future lives miserable as no one will forget the drama that has been dragging on since Chakri’s death, for a long, long time.