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'Caste row' in PV Sindhu's BWF victory!

'Caste row' in PV Sindhu's BWF victory!

Badminton star PV Sindhu created history on Sunday by becoming the first Indian to win BWF World Championships.

The entire world praised her for her stupendous victory. But in Telugu States, people were more curious about to know her caste.

It was revealed that more people in Telugu State searched for her caste on Google and other social media platforms on Sunday more than the news about her victory.

The social media platforms have virtually turned into a war zone on Sidhu's caste and region.

While some netizens claimed her to be from 'kamma caste', some others claimed her to be from 'kapu caste'. People from both the castes tried to own her with their social media postings.

Sindhu was not even spared of 'regional war' as some netizens claimed her to be from Andhra, while some others from Telangana.

Some social media platforms went on to post news saying that her father is a kapu and her mother is a kamma and since father's caste counts in Telugu States, Sidhu should be treated as a kapu.

Coming to regional war, few Telangana netizens claimed that she belongs to Telangana as her father worked in Adilabad district in Telangana.

The popular Eenadu daily has also given two versions on Sindhu's local status.

In its Hyderabad edition, Eenadu given title to Sindhu as "Hyderabad bidda". In its Vijayawada edition, this caption has changed to "Vijayawada bidda".

But one thing, they fail to realise is that Sindhu is an Indian and a national star who is loved by one and all irrespective of caste and religion.

When Bonalu comes, Sindhu celebrates as a 'true Telangana girl' carrying Bonam to Mahankali temple every year.

She also celebrates festivals in Andhra in a grand manner. But for people in Telugu States, caste and region seem to matter the most than any achievements, how big they may be.

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