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Business VoIP Communication at $4.99/mo - XenVoice

Business VoIP Communication at $4.99/mo - XenVoice

When VoIP came into existence cost and data analysis were primary consideration for choosing over the traditional phone system and as the technology improved the concerns of security, quality, reliability, functionality, and accessibility have improved.

While pricing and ease of use have always been the strength of VoIP technology.

Continuing the tradition of innovation both in functionality and pricing, XenVoice Communications, Inc. have introduced tiered pricing and channel communication solutions.

XenVoice Features Include:
- Free Number Porting
- Mobile App
- Unlimited Extensions
- Browser Calling
- IP Phone (We can work with most of your existing phones)
- Fax
- Voicemail
- CRM Integrations
- International Calling (coming soon)

How does it help you?
Most of the offering in the VoIP market are unlimited plans, with a little or no space for the customer to make a choice, and recent study has shown that 80% of the unlimited plans go unused. Breaking this standard pricing model XenVoice has introduced tiered pricing solutions, helping you save more than 50% of your phone bills.

Use Case:
If your business requires 10 numbers and utilizes 4000 minutes in a month, if your unlimited plans charges you USD 24.99 you will end up paying USD 250/month with an average utilization 400 minutes per number. With XenVoice for similar utilization, you will be charged USD 99.9/month a saving of 60%, further add savings through the taxes and fees on plan price.

Channel Notifications:
With XenVoice it is not just the cost advantage, feature like channel notification helps you stayed connected even if your business demands you to be active on social platforms like Skype, Slack or WhatsApp through notification of call and message.

Looking for a VoIP solution provider who could provide you price flexibility with features that help to scale the business then XenVoice is your ideal communication service provider.

Website: Xenvoice.com
Contact Us:  support@xenvoice.com

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