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Big Data is Here to Stay and Here's Why

Big Data is Here to Stay and Here's Why

The term itself is not new and there is a very good reason for that. Companies across the globe, both large conglomerates and small startups are utilizing its potential to gain valuable insight into existing operations for future development and to improve their customer service. 

Take today’s data for instance. According to a study conducted by scientists at the UC San Diego, by 2024, most businesses across the globe would have processed the digital equivalent of a gigantic number of books that if placed on top of each other, could go from Earth to Neptune and back. 

At the rate global enterprises are focusing on big data, that feat would be repeated 20 times each year! 

What is Big Data Analytics?
However, just why are so many enterprises dependent on this phenomenon? This is where analytics comes into the picture. The process refers to the examination of big data to reveal revealing patterns, significant correlations and other useful info that business owners can use to increase decision making and unearth new opportunities. 

Data scientists today use such data to get access to and simplify huge volumes of info that traditional analytics falls short of. 

To understand its importance, say your company has already collected large amounts of data along with multitudes of data combinations, formats and stores. Analyzing billions of rows of data to figure out what is important is not possible manually. Big Data analytics can allow you to go through said information in context via: 

-> Predictive Analysis
-> Forecasting
-> Optimization
-> Text mining 

These processes have allowed countless business owners to streamline their decision-making processes and pinpoint the best ones for enterprise development. 

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