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ATC - A Unique Experiment by ATA and TATA

ATC - A Unique Experiment by ATA and TATA

A formal announcement by the two Telugu Organizations to Conduct a joint Convention, two years ago an undeterred commitment by the two leaders – Mr. Hanmanth Reddy of  ATA and Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy of TATA – led their leadership team to walk the talk – the leadership teams of Board of trustees and Executive committees of the two organizations have walked on a rough road of formulating the mode of operations between the two organizations in executing the mammoth Convention at the Sprawling Irving Convention Center.

The road was rough, but the commitment was steely to lay the path.

7 days to go for the convention and the team of 40 committees, 300 volunteers, is more than ready to deliver the event. The kick of meeting was held less than 6 weeks ago. A lesser resolve will have shattered the hearts of the cadre on ground.

Historically, all the Conventions of the Telugu Organizations were planned for at least 1.5 years. No Convention in the past was executed in such a short time.

The Joint Executive Committee and the Individual Committee chairs have said in the press meet over the weekend that, if the event was to be executed tomorrow, they were more than ready.

The Convention not only show cases our traditional Arts and Crafts, but also helps preserver and promote the ancient Indian music, dance, poetry and modern art of movie making.

The event committees have conducted arts competitions, short film contests and planned live concert with musical instruments. The Convention is also providing a huge platform for matrimonial services for the youth of the indian diaspora.

The massive event also houses panel discussions where youth will be given guidance on their career. The Convention has also summoned the expertise of movies industry to give insights about movie making.

To emphasize the spiritual aspect of our culture, the organizers have planned for Srinivasa Kalyanam on June 2nd.

As the Indian diaspora is always connected to their motherland through movies, the convention is inviting a galaxy of movie stars and singers to meet with them on the occasion and spend time with their favorite artists, a luxury, which the diaspora will not want to miss.

To finish the circle, the Organizers have invited a huge number of politicians to listen to the current affairs in their home states and provide inputs in development of their home state.

It is no exaggeration that all eyes will be on happenings at the Irving Convention Center, Dallas,TX  between May 31- June 2nd to watch the events unfold at the unique Convention.

It has been a commendable 5 weeks for the two Organizations in setting the stage for the Mega Convention and it is a matter of time  before the event sets an example in the NRI Telugu community.