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ATA - Protect Your Family Webinar On Nov 12th

ATA - Protect Your Family Webinar On Nov 12th

It has been said that change is the only constant in life; everything else is up in the air. Uncertainty is the most mysterious part of one’s life and something that almost everybody feels daily.

Being uncertain could be a blessing yet it can make things worse; need not be for the self but for those who are dear to you.

Uncertainty can be most overwhelming, when life’s curve balls roll unexpectedly, the key is to handle what you can and when you can.

You must be seeing the GoFundMe quite often these days, requesting help to save lives, and in certain unfortunate incidents to help those to cross the last leg of their lives. It is indeed unfortunate.

While there are few things that cannot be alleviated one can certainly PLAN to ensure the families are unaffected with the change of one’s fate. Protecting your family, your finances and your properties would ensure they have one less thing to worry.

With all the new around you may want to think what will secure my family’s future? It’s never been easier to protect your family and yourself!

We can help you accomplish these goals with a Special Offer available now, for just $500 you and your spouse can create a comprehensive estate plan that includes the essential documents below.

Last Will and Testament
Revocable Living Trust
Power of Attorney
Living Will Declaration
Healthcare Surrogate Designation
HIPAA Authorization

As an added bonus, if you purchase your plan before December 31st, you will receive a free plan that you can share with someone you love!  That’s two NetLaw Estate Plans (each plan covers one married couple), for the cost of one plan!  This buy-one-get-one-free offer expires soon!

So, please take advantage of this offer. So why wait just click this link to register NetLaw services at or call Thirumal at 972-655-8849.

With such plans rest assured you will have to least worry about the security of the loved ones and all the hard earned money gained through the years.

Netlaw presents a seminar on the importance of securing the future, Renowned speakers from Netlaw Charlsey Baumeier and Thirumala Kumbam will be driving the seminar in association with American Telugu Association (ATA). Below are the details.

Sunday November 12th from 11 AM to 1 PM EST
Webinar Link:
Video to be watched: Netlaw Overview



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