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Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting Apr 19

Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting Apr 19

Weekly Horoscope Apr 19 to Apr 25, 2020: Know weekly astrology predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries (21st Mar – 20th Apr): Favorable time to take up new tasks. You will receive some interesting and delightful information from relatives. Financial position will improve. Your thoughts and ideas would impress your family members. Minor health issues may trouble you. Your efforts to develop new contacts will be successful. Business people will succeed in developing their dealings. Abundant opportunities are foreseen for the people in creative and sports fields. Arguments with friends may arise. Students artistic and creative skills will be enhanced. You can find peaceful settlements in legal matters. Upgrading your ideas may help you in solving some nagging problems.

Taurus (21st Apr – 21st May): You are advised to pick up the opportunities that come your way to prove your skills and efficiency. You will have the talent to work on any kind of assignment. Name and fame in the society will enhance. You will get some relief from chronic health issues. Communicating with childhood friends will keep you in good spirits. Business people will make arrangements for investments in their new projects. Good prospects are foreseen for the people in research and political fields. Unnecessary expenditure is apparently indicating. Good to plan what you want to achieve in next coming days. Do not be dragged into activities that do not interest you very much. Try to stay out of troubles with authorities at work. You may be sensitive to financial pressure.

Gemini (22nd May – 22nd Jun): You will exchange your emotions with dear ones. Though there are some delays in your current projects it will be completed successfully, have some confidence and move forward with positive hopes. It is good to change your ideas in some assignments according to present circumstances, but remember that your decisions should not lead to the same mistakes that you made in the past. Frequent conversations with influential people are likely in some crucial matters. Employees will finally overcome hurdles in their work. A ray of sunshine around the home and your relationships keeps you glowing. Business negotiations are favored.

Cancer (23rd Ju - 22nd Jul): You will discuss some important issues with your childhood friends. Delay in few assignments are apparently indicating. Stand up for yourself if certain family members take your good nature too much for granted. It is not really a huge problem, but you do seem to be going off in so many directions at once that you find it hard to slow down. Planning regarding an auspicious ceremony in near future will be favorable. Students will get their desired opportunities with fewer efforts. Business people will flourish in business. Creative field people will receive invitations. Domestic pressures will increase. Your honesty and sincerity will attract your foes also. 

Leo (23rd Jul – 22nd Aug): An information received form relatives will give you energy and boost your confidence. You will follow elder’s advice in important matters. Your family members will also support you in your endeavors. Some of you are likely to receive employment opportunities. Spiritual activities will take place at home. Expansion of business or temporary projects will bring monetary gains. Research field people will get good recognition for their hard work. Your patience and dignity will win out, so now you start to see the gains you deserve. Do things without any expectations from others to avoid disappointments. Some of you are likely to make new friends.

Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep): You are advised not to hesitate to take advice from well-wishers, if you are confused to take decisions in important matters. If you have undertaken some studies to advance your credentials, this will boost the esteem in which you are held. You will have a strong desire to reach your goals. Favorable time to make your dreams come true. Business people cannot expect much profits at this juncture. New friendships made now will be joyful. Opportunities are likely for the people in creative and sports fields. Aim to stretch yourself in at least one activity during the day. Nothing will distract you from the essentials. 

Libra (23 Sep - 22 Oct): All the assignments in hand will run smoothly. Good time with friends is indicating. Even though some health issues arise you will overcome them with less medication. You will take out some time for spiritual activities. Business people may try for financial loans to expand the business. Creative field people will be benefited with petty projects. Some domestic issues may flare up for silly reasons better to avoid overreacting for the issues that happens around you at home. Additional charges will be given to the employees at work. Use your energy in creative activities, let your ideas flow. Your fighting spirit will enable you to achieve lot of work in a short amount of time.

Scorpio (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov): Activities in hand move slowly but will be completed successfully. Friendships work well for you now. Childhood friends will double your joy. Contractors will be benefited after a great struggle. You will participate in spiritual activities. Business people can expect some progress in expansion of their business plans. Unexpected expenditure will raise. Be aware of your needs, but do not overreact. Take some risks, as it is favorable time to tackle old problems, because you will find new solutions for blocked situations. Creative skills are enhanced. Be flexible and open-minded about new opportunities. 

Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 22nd Dec): Your abilities and skills will be recognized widely. Good news from far place will be received. Following advice of influential contacts will benefit you in long run. House construction discussions with technical people will be fruitful. Progress can be expected in business activities. Sports and creative field people will be in lime light. Employees will be able to resolve work related issues. Pay attention to your diet to maintain good health. Team work undertaken at this juncture will be profitable. Favorable time to make changes or to try something new in domestic front. Quick decisions will play a major role in maintaining serenity in the difficult situations especially in personal matters. 

Capricorn (23rd Dec – 22nd Jan): Current assignments in hand will not move as planned. You may seek elder’s guidance to move forward in difficult situations. Business people are advised not to jump over new opportunities as moving hastily may lead to unnecessary tensions. Creative field people will get good encouragement. Work burden will increase to the employees. Mental tensions will increase in domestic matters. Accepting too many responsibilities at once may lead to annoyance. You may discover when you try to put your plans into action that some have to be abandoned as unworkable. Some of you are likely to participate in social events. Good to focus on physical fitness programs.

Aquarius (23rd Jan - 22nd Feb): All your works will be completed successfully. You will enjoy solidarity in the company of your dear ones. You will take some important decisions now. Any misunderstandings with relatives will be resolved now with your initiative. Your soft communication skills will attract people around you. Others will easily understand your point of view and should respect your opinions. Business people will earn profits. Employees will be relieved from work tensions. Creative field people can expect opportunities now. Financial position will be fine, but you will not be able to control your expenditure. Good time to settle long term plans.

Pisces (23rd Feb – 20th Mar): Communications will develop with well-wishers. You will follow the advice of your dear ones to move with ease in difficult situations. Your memory power will surprise people around you. All Your financial needs will be fulfilled without any tensions. People who opposed you in your past will now support you in your deeds. You will enjoy some interesting things in life. Employees will get good recognition for their hard work. Scientists and researchers will receive unexpected opportunities. A nagging issue will be resolved during this phase. Students efforts will be fruitful. 

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