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Accidental drowning and tragic demise of Dr Ram Reddy

Accidental drowning and tragic demise of Dr Ram Reddy

He was one among us. An aspirant who dreamt of making big in the land of dreams. A devoted husband, a cheerful father and above all a good Samaritan.

A constant smile up on his chin and ready to mingle. Dr. Ramreddy Velma (Ph.D.) was a software engineer and resident of Irving, TX.

He grew up and completed his secondary schooling in Kamareddy and did his masters and Ph.D.

Dr. Ram Reddy Velma (Ph.D.) was no ordinary person. Bringing many friends to his fold, he was always willing to help. Today he left to the heavenly abode leaving behind wife Vani and two adolescent kids (7 yrs. and 2 yrs.).

Tragedy struck when Dr. Ram Reddy went to Grapevine Lake, seldom he knew of the impending accidental danger. He drowned in the lake.

The crew from the Grapevine Dive Team recovered his body after an extensive search operation. At this time his family is left clueless and trying to cope up with the tragic unfold of events.

Friends and family deeply mourn the untimely death of Dr. Ram Reddy Velma and pray to provide enough strength for his family to cope from their personal loss.

His friends have setup a GoFundMe:

Any assistance from you, would help in alleviating the financial burden the family would go through, while the loss would be for the lifetime!



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