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2nd Virus Outbreak In Dec 2020 Will Be Outrageous

2nd Virus Outbreak In Dec 2020 Will Be Outrageous

The astrological predictions of Abhigya have literally stunned the thousands of netizens in the social media.

He has predicted that the world will be devastated by pandemic in December to April came true. In his latest YouTube video, Abhigya has spoken about the future of the world 2020- 21. Let's  have a look at the excerpts from his predictions.

What is going to happen now?

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in one sign now. They will be in the same position till Mars exits the sign on May 4th. Jupiter will exit the sign on June 30th. There will be lot of trouble during this period.  Limited food supplies will be available till May 4th.

Economy will be more affected than the people who are dying with the Corona cases. The government should not lock down farmers to avoid food crisis.

If the government do not check this it will result in a famine. The government should continue the agricultural activities to prevent major crisis.There is not going to be any virus spread among farmers as they are more immuned.

If we continue to eat packaged food for longer periods our immunity will go down, and we may not be ready to handle the next outbreak.

We might find a vaccine for this virus but many more viruses will come.. superbugs will come.. So we have to improve our immunity. We may release one vaccine but the nature comes back with hundred viruses.

What can we do then? We cannot go on creating new vaccines. No Medical Science can save us unless we improve our immunity.

We should increase the organic farming. We should stop animal killing, otherwise that will increase the Karma of the world and people will have to suffer because of it.

As I am saying there might be another outbreak or a disaster more severe than this starting from  December 20 this year - March 31st next year. So our immune system should be prepared to handle this outbreak.

We all have disregarded our mother nature's wonderful gifts. We need to stop harming our mother earth. Stop harming animals. If we all collectively take a pledge to stop killing of the animals.. hurting animals in any way, the situations will improve.

The people those are in meat business should sacrifice for better world. Nature will take care of their well being. Initiative should come from them first.

When will the present Corona crisis End? 

There were articles in the media that I have predicted the end of Coronavirus on May 29th. No. That is not true. Corona is going to gradually start decreasing from May 29th. Even then, there is a lot of danger to the economy. Till the end of June, I don't see any good for the world.

Actually, the slow reduction of the Coronavirus will take place from july.

How to improve our immunity?

By following the traditional methods of consuming turmeric, aloevera, amruthavalli, we can do it.

The next outbreak will be really outrageous. It is going to begin from December 20 when Saturn and Jupiter will be in complete conjunct. Jupiter is ready for another fight with Saturn. Conjunction is going to cause lot of disease and destruction and possibly even a famine.

On 10th February 2010, a powerful conjunction is going to happen of 5 to 6 planets including Saturn and Jupiter very close to each other. 

Post 2021 November, the economy will begin to repair. Jupiter will start moving away from Saturn and that will give a new lease of life to the economy. The situations will also get better.

Let's stop killing any animals. Let's stop troubling the animals. People who are involved in the killing of animals should come forward and say that we will stop killing the animals. This will save the world from bad Karma.

People also should stop consuming such food because it will keep on increasing the Karma. People should also stop wasting the food. We should stop looking at the food as as a commercial commodity. We should look into the spiritual aspect of it. "Annam parabrahma swaroopam".

Rather than using hand sanitizers which will reduce the immunity of human beings we should start using turmeric and lemon. This will improve our immunity.

Now we are all in lockdown living in opulent houses but still struggling in mind for freedom. The animals the chickens dumped into the small trays, imagine the feelings the frustration they go going through. We cause the death of animals everyday.

Does the Nature tolerate all of this? The answer is a NO.

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