Mastering RTP in Slots: Key Guide for Players

Mastering RTP in Slots: Key Guide for Players

Whoever dives into the world of online slots for the first time will come across a statistic that is abbreviated with 3 letters: RTP. This three letter term is what makes a difference between a good and a bad game, at least when it comes to the winning chances in the long term.

In the guide we’ll help you understand the concept of RTP and how to master it. Once you know everything about the concept you’ll know which game to go for and which one to avoid.

Whilst understanding the way RTP works doesn’t predict your actual winning chances, it does give you an idea of the casino games with the best odds. Do note that slot games are based on randomness and that higher percentages do not guarantee more frequent wins.

Having a good understanding of this percentage is especially important for frequent players as the choice for a certain game will help you increase your chances of getting the best return on your investment. Ready to master everything about RTP can help you in the long run?

Why Is There Such Thing As RTP?
RTP is an important abbreviation in offshore gambling and iGaming that stands for Return to Player. The return to player is represented with a percentage between 1 and 100 and stands for how much money a player will get back for every dollar wagered.

With an RTP of 96.5% the player can expect a return of $0,95 for every dollar wagered on a casino game. This also means that $0,05 is earned by the house, which is the difference between the RTP and the base rate of 100%. This is typically referred to as the house edge.

The RTP will never get to 100% as the online casino website takes a small portion of every wager whilst the house edge will never move up to 100% either as the player always has a chance of winning. The RTP is a percentage that is calculated over the long-term for all players which means that short term deviations can always occur.

Where to Find The RTP?
Although the concept of the RTP may sound a bit challenging at first, it is actually very straightforward. It’s just a percentage giving the player an idea of their chances of winning. We won’t get too much in detail with regard to how the percentage is calculated. Every game comes with an RTP and it isn’t very difficult to locate. All online casino games come with publicly available information and this is true for online slot games as well.

The game information includes the game’s paytable which comes with the available symbols, their values, the bonus features, and other useful information. Once you know where to find the RTP you’ll be good to go for all your future spins and how to master this trick. Let’s now take a closer look at where to look if you want to find RTP of slot games.

Paytable is where every numeric information of a casino game can be found. This includes one of the most important stats of them all, the RTP. The paytable is displayed by clicking on either the i-info button or the question mark. Some casinos have started to display the RTP in their lobby which means you’ll just have to hover above the icon to see the game’s RTP.

Game Developer
An alternative to find the slot’s RTP is by going to the website of the game developer as they bundle all the game’s details on their landing page. Not that not every provider lists all of their games on their platforms, but the biggest names out there tend to list their portfolio.

Let’s say that you want to play the new slot machine Land Of The Free and want to know what the game’s RTP is. In order to find this percentage you will need to go to Nolimit City’s and hit the tab “Games” after which you can scroll down to Land Of the Free.

Here you’ll see that the game’s RTP is 96.08% which is above the 96% RTP average. Other game info, such as the release date, max win probability and the free spins probability will also be readily available. Generally, the game developer’s platform should be the most complete source to find all the information about the slot you want to make your spins on.

Affiliate Game Reviews
Going ahead and comparing RTP rates in top online slots is also made available by experienced affiliate sites such as KiwiGambler. Most affiliate websites have their collection of game reviews out of which most reviews are slots oriented.

Online casino news platforms often serve as complete sources for iGaming as they include up to date information and have the latest bonus deals and casino reviews. With the free demo version players can also try out the games for free without having to make wagers with their own money. This is always recommended to best prepare yourself for your next spin.

Ranging RTP
Most games nowadays, however, are available with ranging RTP which is particularly interesting for operators whilst the opposite is true for players. Online casinos in India and abroad are now able to offer the same game with different RTP’s which is why it is always advisable to check the game’s RTP in the paytable on the website where it’s offered itself.

Please note that the game developer’s platform is less useful in this case as the eventual RTP will depend on the casino offering the game. If they opt for the highest percentage you will be lucky, but they have the flexibility to choose one of the lower percentages as well as this increases their house edge. Don’t blame the casino site for doing so, but the developer for offering this option. Avoid that this catches you by surprise by checking the percentage.

Mind The Short Term Fluctuations
The game’s RTP is the most important indicator for estimating your own chances of winning, especially if you’re a frequent punter. Although considered useful, the game’s RTP is particularly useful as an indicator for the long term which means that short term fluctuations are possible.

This is what makes online gambling as interesting as it is as even newbies can make major wins. When these players make a higher amount of spins they will notice that their average payouts will approach the game’s official RTP which is based on millions of simulations.

Ranging RTP’s have added a new concept of the game’s return to player vs. house edge and are especially favourable for casinos and other gambling sites. Players are therefore recommended once again to always check the game’s RTP before making their first real money spin.

This can be done either via the game’s paytable, the game developer’s platform or of course by directly going to websites of online casino affiliates. This guide was written to help players that are overage to master RTP in slots.

Underage players are not allowed to make real money wagers on online casino games, including slots. Remember to play responsibility at all times and only wager with money that you can afford to lose. And once you’re done playing be sure to check out our movie reviews  as well as this will give you yet another way to sit back and relax.

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