Indian Alphonso Mangoes Arrives In the US

Indian Alphonso Mangoes Arrives In the US

With the given epithet ‘The king of Mangoes,’ Alphonso has emerged from history only to get ‘cut and served’ to people awaiting to indulge in sense-delighting deliciousness.

While there are numerous varieties of mangoes in the world, the Alphonsos have been the subject of love songs and poetry for centuries. Native to India, these mangoes are coveted for their reddish-yellow skin, bright saffron color, tender and luscious texture, and creamy, sweet taste.

Its creamy, rich sweetness makes it perfect for eating alone or in chutneys, smoothies, or yogurts. Their short growing season has made it difficult to find in the states. Quicklly brings the most celebrated Fruit - Indian Alphonso Mangoes to our customers in the U.S.

Our Mango Selection Process:
> Semi Ripped Alphonsos are hand-picked from Indian farms
> They undergo Hot water treatment
> They are processed in the APEDA facility
> They go through an Irradiation process monitored by USDA Officer
> Once the USDA approved, they’re moved to 400 boxes container

USDA Regulation for Indian Alphonso Mangoes
The USDA has specific regulations in place for the importation of Indian Alphonso mangoes into the U.S., arising from the risk of importing pests that could potentially harm American agriculture.

As per USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), importation of fresh Indian mangoes is allowed if they meet standards for phytosanitary protection. Plus, the mangoes must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the National Plant Protection Organization of India, certifying that the mangoes meet the standards set by APHIS.

Quicklly aligns to USDA standards and brings you the purest produce of Indian Alphonsos.

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