Experience it once, don't let it slip away

Experience it once, don't let it slip away

The beauty of using handmade products is that you will enjoy these only once you start using them. The texture of the handmade products holds within itself the feel of Mother Earth. At Urth India, we aim to get you in touch with this feeling.

What better to have the authentic filter Kaapi in these handcrafted Dabara Sets.It's a journey back to our cultural roots.

Embrace luxurious living while making eco-conscious choices from fashion to home decor, Find elegance with a green conscience. Elevate your lifestyle with products that prioritize both beauty and the planet. Join the movement towards a more stylish, sustainable future.

Clay coffee cups offer natural insulation, keeping beverages hotter for longer without altering taste. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and impart earthy undertones to the coffee, enhancing the overall drinking experience."

Sip the soulful essence of filter coffee from a beautifully designed clay cup, enhancing the experience with earthy richness. Each sip embodies the union of ancient craftsmanship and divine flavors

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