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Chandrababu Is The Reason Behind AP With 3 Capitals

Chandrababu Is The Reason Behind AP With 3 Capitals

The three-capital-bill has been signed by the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. The curtains should be down for this topic. But Chandrababu Naidu seems not to be in terms with the happening.

He is calling the entire state population to protest on this. Why is he proving himself unwise with such acts? How can the people from Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra join such a protest? Why is he not accepting the truth that Vizag and Kurnool will have some sort of development with this decision?

Looking back, it is needless to say that Chandrababu is the main force behind this three-capital decision.

When there were many requests to place AIIMS in Rayalaseema he pushed it to Mangalagiri, a hub in the extension of Amaravathi.

When the IT companies have shown interest to land in Vizag, he has diverted them to the same Mangalagiri.

Had he decided to place the High Court in Rayalaseema in 2018 itself, he would have received many praises from his Rayalaseema region.

But he moved to Amaravathi with his real estate desires. His old school of thought to build a capital (all at one place) has made him a villain for other parts of the state.

Now with the initiative of the present government, the three capital system has come. Chandrababu should leave this here. If he continues his drama, then he will be forgotten forever.

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