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Why Is Pawan Bringing Caste Into Picture?

Pawan Kalyan does not believe in the caste system. He has mentioned the same during various occasions. It is indeed a laudable decision and a good sign. In fact, if he had caste feelings, then why would he support the TDP?

It is a known fact that both their castes do not get along in Krishna and Guntur and in the Godavari districts. The rivalry between Radha and Ranga groups is still fresh in the memories of people. If we set these facts aside, one thing is for sure – Pawan is averse to caste feelings.

But of late, he has started bringing caste into the picture during various occasions. In a first-of-its-kind statement by Pawan Kalyan, he said that Shravan was denied a ticket in TRS based on his caste. Surprisingly, even Shravan hasn’t said this.

And more recently, he has said that since Modi comes from a backward caste, he will not tolerate anyone making adverse comments against him.

To use his own words, he said, ‘ayannu emanna ante thata teesta’. Incidentally, this is one of Pawan’s favourite dialogues. When he used it for the first time during the Attarintiki Daaredi function, he got good response from the audience.

Coming back to Modi, why ask for support because Modi happens to be a BC. Why can’t Pawan say that Modi is a good man, don’t talk against him? He has been saying that Telangana will see the revival of ‘dora’ culture. This too is indirectly referring to caste.

While criticizing KCR, Pawan has said that he enjoys using foul language. Now, isn’t the usage of words like ‘thata teesta’ and ‘tokka teesta’ unparliamentary language?

While pointing a finger at others, shouldn’t Pawan mind his own language?



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