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'Teen Maar' Overseas-BIG LOSER

Going forward, we are going to give the trade report of Overseas Telugu movies, as we don't want the overseas buyers to fall in the trap of greedy producers.

With their hype about each and every movie without knowing the facts of the trade, they push buyers to take their films which incur huge losses.

So, we are starting with 'Teen Maar's trade facts and this will be followed by 'Shakthi' and all other future movies.
Given below is the list of collections of 'Teen Maar'as per the dates.
Wed (Apr 13): $30K (Premiers in few centers only)
Thur (Apr 14): $75K
Fri (Apr 15): $76K
Sat (Apr 16): $110K
Sun (Apr 17): $37K
Total: $328K (Rentrak Reported Centers)
As per Rentrak, the highest 1st week Grossers till date are Khaleja-$490K, Robot-$390K (all the grosses are rounded to 1000s)
'Teen Maar' is the 3rd biggest opening. Remember the gross collections were not reported to Rentrak for Magadheera, Pokiri & Bommarillu. So, we don't know the exact gross to those movies, otherwise they would have been certainly in the top list. But during those days, the movies used to run for more than 4 weeks with good collections. Also, they used to release in less number of theaters, so it is not fair to compare those genuine blockbusters with these movies.
As per our estimation, 'Teen Maar' might collect another 20K in these 4 weekdays of first week and another 40K to 50K from its 2nd week onwards.
'Teen Maar's full run gross might end up at $600K in total (Rentrak Gross-$400K, Non Rentrak- $80K, and Sold Outright Non USA @$120K).
The rent+Sales Tax for USA Centers are one third of the total USA Gross, The Net Share of the Distributor/Exhibitor is $320K= Rs1.5Cr from USA, 55lakhs from Non-USA.
In 'Teen Maar's case, total returns from overseas are Rs 2.05cr, the movie was bought for Rs 2.5cr (2.25cr copy rights + 25laks prints), so NET LOSS is Rs 45 laks for a movie which got Hit talk & Super web reviews. This loss is only for Overseas Distributor and USA exhibitors. As per our information, Non-USA centers have also incurred huge losses especially in Gulf Region where Pawan Kalyan movies will have super Run, but this movie did not go well with masses in Gulf region, It is estimated that around 15laks are the losses for Non-USA exhibitors, the total loss of 'Teen Maar' for overseas territory is Rs 60 laks.
Overall, 'Teen Maar' is a BIG LOSER for overseas territory considering the HUGE price it was bought for. If the movie is bought for reasonably good price like Rs 1.5cr, all the buyers would have have atleast some profits after long time and hence movie would have been declared as a BIG HIT in overseas as well. So, technically 'Teen Maar' is a loser though it got HIT talk and good collections.
Written By Venkat (

Source: Rentrak, Several exhibitors & Dsitributors from overseas territory.