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Allu Arjun's Force On Ram Charan

A director may have strong material and beautiful vision of cinema making but if he doesn’t have the talent to convince a star hero then all this is waste. 

In that aspect, it is heard that two directors have that talent. They are the duo of Meher Ramesh and Surender Reddy.

Sources say they can impress the heroes and grab their attention with their narrative skills and ‘Pulihara’ mingling. 

And right now, it is heard that the duo is working with a clear target. They are now associating with Allu Arjun but it is heard that they eventually want to target Ram Charan.

Bunny is doing ‘Race Gurram’ with Surender Reddy and it is heard that by establishing a strong bond with Bunny they want to reach Charan. 

If need be, Bunny might be asked to force Charan to sign with Meher and Surender for their talent and skills. But will Cherry bend to such things or not remains to be seen.