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No-trust move: Jagan camp looking for excuses

Having realised that the Telugu Desam Party's notice for the no-confidence motion against the Congress government has pushed him in a tight spot, YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy has begun looking for excuses to avoid the embarassment by taking out his oft-repeated weapon: allegations of a match-fixing between TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu and Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

The report carried by Jagan's publication Sakshi on Friday is a reflection of his party's strategy.

The report raised serious questions over the timing and intention behind the Telugu Desam Party serving a notice for the no-trust motion.

The report says it just a drama being enacted to benefit both the Congress and TDP politically and give them certain brownie points to attack the YSR Congress Party headed by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. It says the motion will come up for consideration of the new Speaker only during the next session of the Assembly.

The one-day special session on Saturday will only see the election of the Speaker and Chairman of the Legislative Council. There is no scope for taking up the TDP’s notice on no-confidence motion.

It has alleged that the TDP had a different motive for its hurried move.  

Naidu had earlier gone on record saying that his party would move no-confidence motion in the coming monsoon session. What made him to change the mind and serve the notice at a time when the House is not in session.

Irrespective of whether the notice will be admitted by the new Speaker or not, the talk of no-trust motion has raised the political temperature in the state. The calculators were out to look t various permutations and combinations, the strengths and weaknesses of each group and the possible post-voting scenarios.

According to a report in “Andhra Jyothy”, the opposition group, whose numbers now add up to 109, needs the support of about 40 MLAs from the ruling camp to ensure the defeat of the Kiran Kumar Reddy government on the floor of the House.